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  • All Thing New Survey

    The Archdiocese of St. Louis is examining all of its parishes, schools, ministries and agencies,
    evaluating our effectiveness as a local Church in proclaiming the Gospel. Our goal is to make All
    Things New by the Power and Joy of the Gospel.
    As we continue to prayerfully discern our future, Archbishop Rozanski is seeking additional
    input and feedback from current school families and faculty about their Catholic school
    experience with questions about tuition, class sizes, teacher compensation, etc. A summary of the
    subsidy rates provided to all our Archdiocesan elementary schools as a whole, and to our specific
    school, will also be made available on the All Things New website
    This survey can be taken online and will be available to be completed from October 17 through
    November 1. For any questions, email allthingsnew@archstl.org.

    Current School Parents/Guardians Survey Link: https://www.surveymonkey.com/r/NQYVH6M

  • All Things New is an initiative beginning in our Archdiocese to renew our own Faith and see how we can better evangelize and revitalize our local Church.  Archbishop Rozanski invites all of us to grow in our prayerfulness and relationship with Christ to better carry out this mission.  These weekly reflections are sent out by the Office of Strategic Planning to help us be missionary disciples.  

    Weekly Reflection